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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla's Cosmic Message

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Part of the interior of the laboratory in Colorado Springs

Nikola Tesla was the first in the world in many ways. Thus, sensing that there are other intelligent worlds in the universe besides ours, he was the first among scientists to come up with the idea that with the help of a powerful radio station, contact with “aliens” can be established. He used his own station in Colorado Springs for this job, from where he sent the first messages of this type in 1899.

Here is what he wrote about those experiments in a newspaper in 1921:

“In space there are countless worlds like this one on our planet. They are moving around their suns. They are composed of the same elements and subject to the same forces as on Earth.”

Details from Tesla’s high-frequency laboratory in Colorado Springs transformer

This, at the time, revolutionary claim, is also supported by today’s science. In the course of evolution, inorganic matter began to change into organic forms. - Single-celled organisms, primitive plants - that were perfecting over time. Then, over time, by immediate adaptation to the environment, organisms with unusually complicated structures emerged.

This is how the human mind gradually developed. The main control tool in that process is the light energy that acts on a sensitive organ such as the eye, through which we learn what the world around us is like. Thus, we can quite realistically assume that beings on other planets must also react to light rays. And their ideas about the outside world must be similar to ours, so there are no obstacles to communication.

Tesla’s messages, at least as he claimed, did not go unanswered. Here is what he says about it in the continuation of the same text:

“At the time when I was engaged in those researches, there was not a single radio station on Earth, except mine, which was able to transmit a message wirelessly over a distance of more than a few kilometers.

Laboratory in Colorado Springs

The layout of my receivers and the character of the messages exclude the possibility that the signals originate from Earth. As I posted at the time, the signals consisted of a regular sequence of numbers.”

At the time when Tesla spoke about his attempts to establish contact with intelligent beings in space, neither the public nor science understood him, so his pioneering work in the field of interstellar communications fell into oblivion.

However, in recent times, the veil of oblivion has been removed from his work, and today around the world, teams of scientists with the help of powerful radio-telescopes are listening to the whispers of the universe, trying to discern a message in it that, perhaps, represents an answer to the call sent by Tesla from his Colorado Springs laboratory a long time ago.


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