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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Tesla and Lenin

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In the 1920s, after the victory of the great October Revolution, the new Soviet government tried to shake off its great country from economic, scientific and cultural deadness and set it on the path of progress and development. Since there were not enough professional staff in the country, which would enable this, at the addresses of a large number of advanced-oriented cultural tourist and scientific workers around the world, invitations were sent to come and help the development of the Soviet Union. Thousands of scientists, engineers and other experts from various countries responded to the call, so in the coming years they will represent valuable help in the efforts of the young socialist state to develop on all levels.

One of the scientists who Lenin himself, more than once, sent such an invitation, was also electrical engineer Nikola Tesla.

Despite the fact that he was in a difficult material situation in America, which never allowed him to be free in his creativity, and to create even more, Tesla politely declined the invitation. Why, when it is known that in the USSR he would have all the necessary conditions for work, social security and respect, which he did not have enough of in the USA during his lifetime? By his own admission, he decided so because at that time he was already so old that he could no longer change the environment and climate, and most importantly, he felt that he could not and must not stop working on the projects he was creating.

Who knows what the world would look like today, if Tesla had accepted the proposal of the leader of the October Revolution...


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