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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Tesla Receives Patents For His Helicopter Plane

February 22nd, 1928
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'Air Flivver' 8 Feet Long to Rise Vertically; No Machines Built, but Inventor Is Confident

Long-disputed patents on the combination of airplane and helicopter have recently been granted to Nikola Tesla, it was asserted yesterday by Munn & Co., patent lawyers, of 24 West Fortieth Street.

The base of Tesla's patents is the combination of tilting wings, with an engine so arranged that it can deliver varying power, depending on the angle of the wings.

Tesla's claims were rejected by the primary examiner on the ground that he was not patenting anything not known to the prior state of the art, but the board of examiners in chief reversed this finding, holding that the means by which the great increase in thrust is obtained at the time of shifting the angle of the wings was an original invention.

No plane had been built under these patents, Mr. Tesla said, but he was.confident of the practicality.

The new machine, which will become the "flivver of the air," Mr. Tesla said. will be in outside dimensions an 8foot cube. It will be capable of high and low speeds and can be flown through a window.

The machine is to have wheels on two sides, one for landing and the other for taking off. The machine rises vertically, the wings pointing skyward, and when a sufficient height is reached the machine is tipped to the desired angle for straight flying.


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