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Science Turns To Electricity In Cancer War

Article added 10/13/2018
High Frequency Currents Giving Results, Physical Therapy Congress Hears Build Up Defensive Cells 90 P. C. of Ills Originate Above Ears, Says Dr. Titus Application of high frequency electrical current...


Tesla, 79 on Wednesday, To Reveal New Invention

Article added 5/29/2018
Engineer Hints Solution of Wireless Power Transmission Wednesday at noon is the day and hour set apart by Nikola Tesla, inventor and physicist, for the announcement of his greatest discovery. The...


Tesla Gets Scott Award For Electrical Inventions

Article added 9/18/2017
New York Engineer Receives Medal in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 5. — Dr. Nikola Tesla, New York electrical and mechanical engineer, received tonight the John Scott award for invention. The medal...

Tesla Predicts Ships Powered By Shore Beam

Article added 8/10/2017
Scoffs at Normandie ‘Speed,’ Sees Success for His Plan to Use Stratosphere Ray Would Light Sea at Night Says French Liner's System Copies His in U.S. Boats Not in Awe of Normandie - Nikola Tesla (...


Tesla Predicts New Source of Power in Year

Article added 1/4/2016
Scientist, 77 Tomorrow, to Reveal Result of Half Lifetime's Study Soon Cheap Energy for All Declares Generators Will Run 500 Years Unrenewed A Scientist at 77 - Nikola Tesla Dr. Nikola Tesla, who...