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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Who Is Nikola Tesla?

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Portrait of Nikola Tesla around 1892. (At the height of fame)

If you ask random respondents who Nikola Tesla was, most will tell you that he constructed the first light bulb, which, of course, is not true, because Thomas Edison did it. Those a little more knowledgeable will tell you that our famous countryman invented the electric motor, transformers, alternating current, high-voltage current; but, if you ask them who Tesla really was, none of them will be able to tell you for sure. Even those who consider themselves connoisseurs of his life and work will find it difficult to answer that question.

For many, Tesla was a great scientist. One of the most prolific in this century. At the same time, on a personal level, he was an unusual, peculiar, lonely man. Others, again, say that he was a genius with superhuman qualities, a sorcerer, a man with God-given abilities or even an alien in human form.

Tesla was neither a superman nor an alien. He was a completely ordinary man, a descendant of Lika and our people, a man who did not differ from others, except that he was eager for knowledge, more diligent, braver, more self-sacrificing and more persistent than most of us. In that respect, however, he was unusual.

He was a scientist like Galileo, Da Vinci, Copernicus. He worked alone, without anyone’s help and support, and he created what today, with the help of the most modern equipment, is created by entire teams of experts classified in institutes backed by powerful state or private capital.

Like Galileo or Copernicus, he fought for the victory of scientific truth against equally powerful opponents. His opponents were not the church and church leaders, but scientists of outdated concepts, behind which stood capital and reputation - he was completely alone. Nevertheless, fighting all his life, investing in that fight all his physical and mental abilities, Tesla managed to overcome outdated perceptions and set the world on the path of development.

Without Nikola Tesla, the world we live in today would undoubtedly be different, much poorer and certainly more inhumane than it is today.


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