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Proceedings of the 1986 International Tesla Symposium

Proceedings of the 1986 International Tesla Symposium A non peer-reviewed forum on Nikola Tesla and his work conducted in Colorado Springs. William Terbo "Opening Remarks" I-15 Charles Wright "Taming the West With AC Power" 1-1 Philip Callahan "Tesla the Naturalist" 1-7 Thomas Valone "Tesla's History In Western New York" 1-27 Mark Seifer "The Inventor and the Corporation" 1-53 Andrew Michrowski "Nikola Tesla's Studies in the Physical Mechanisms of Consciousness" 1-75 H.W. "Bill" Jones "Nikola Tesla: Generator of Social Change" 1-89 James Corum & Kenneth Corum "Technical Analysis of the Extra Coil as a Slow Wave Helical Resonator" 2-1 Eric Dollard "Representation of Electric Induction" 2-25 Durland Cox "The Origin of Skin Effects" 2-83 William C. Wysock "Tesla Coil Installation for Public Viewing: EMI, Gasious Emission, Acoustic Noise and Discharge Control" 2-91 Robert Golka "Long Arc Simulated Lightning Attachment Testing Using a 150kw Tesla Coil" 2-103 A-Hamid Aidinejad & James Corum "The Transient Propagation of ELF Pulses in the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity" 3-1 Parris Neal "High Resolution Measurements of OH Infrared Airglow Structure" 3-13 Jack Dea "Ball Lightning and Self-Confined Thermonuclear Reactions" 3-31 Peter Graneau "Cold Explosions of Short Atmospheric Arcs" 3-39 Walter Baumgartner "The Tesla Earthquake Oscillator" 3-47 Peter Graneau "Ampere-Neumann Electrodynamic of Metals" 4-1 Moray B. King "Cohering the Zero Energy" 4-13 Moray B. King "Application of DeBroglie's Law Under Time Varying Potentials" 4-33 Add'l 4-35 to 8-49

Date published:
September, 1986