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Proceedings of the 1988 International Tesla Symposium

Contents include: “Opening Address and Historical Perspectives on Tesla” by William H. Terbo, “Nikola Tesla... A Yugoslav Perspective” by Dr. Nikola Pribic, “The Great AC/DC War” by Charles R. Wright, “Tesla's Contributions to Electrotherapy” by Dr. Patton H. McGinley, “Nikola Tesla: The History of Lasers and Particle Beam Weapons” by Dr. Marc J. Seifer, “Computer Simulation and Experimental Verification of Tesla HV Machines” by Dan Edwards, “Tesla Coil- An RF Power Processing Tutorial for Engineers” by Dr. James F. Corum and Kenneth L. Corum, “Concerning Cavity Q” by Kenneth Corum, “Earth-Ionosphere Cavity Magnetic Field Spectra in the 3-30Hz Band” by Dr. John Sutton, “Electromagnetic Wave and the Earth's Core” by Dr. Rastko C. Maglic, “Fundamental Excitatory Modes of the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity” by Dr. Elizabeth A. Rauscher, “Space Disposal of Plutonium with the Water Arc Launcher” by Dr. Peter Graneau, “Demonstrating A Zero-point Energy Coherence” by Moray B. King, “Phenomenon of Electric Charge Generation by Space Rotation” by Paramahamsa Tewari, “The Cardinal Law of Electrodynamics vs. the Tesla Magnifying Effect” by Dr. PT Pappas, “Demonstrating that Magnetic Force is Faster than Light” by Alex Guy Obolensky, “Studies on Rotation Leading to the 'N' Machine” by Bruce DePalma, “Radiant Energy in the 1980s” by John Moray, “Observations on the Problem of Increasing Human Energy” by Shelly Thomson, “A Brief History and Recent Developments of Levitation” by George Hathaway, “Gravitodynamics” by Dr. Craig Spaniol and “Maxwell's Lost Unified Field Theory” by Thomas E. Bearden

Date published:
September, 1988
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