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Proceedings of the 1990 International Tesla Symposium

Contents include: “Opening Address” by William H. Terbo, “The Tesla Museum” by Aleksandar Marincic, “The Great AC/DC War” by Charles Wright, “Nikola Tesla and John Hays Hammond Jr.” by Marc Seifer, “X-Rays and Electron Beams: The Origins of Modern Physics” by James Hardesty, “100 Years of Cavity Resonator Development” by James Corum and Kenneth Corum, “A Rediscovery of Tesla's RF Techniques” by James Corum and; Kenneth Corum, “Computer Aided Design of Tesla Coils” by Toby Grotz, “An Active Antenna for ELF Magnetic Fields” by John F. Sutton and Craig Spaniol, “Tesla Technology and Radioisotopic Energy Generation” by Paul Brown, “Current Tesla Turbine Technology” by Sevier Bonnie III, “Non-Hertzian Scalar Energy and EM Energy: The Biological Connection” by Glen Rein, “Nikola Tesla: Father of Bioelectronics” by John Moray, “A Tesla Wave Physics for a Free Energy Universe” by Paul A. LaViolette, “Detecting Galactic Superwaves: An Appeal to Scalar Wave Astronomers” by Paul A. LaViolette, “An Engineering Introduction to Zero Point Energy” by George Hathaway, “Tapping the Zero-Point Energy and Scalar Current” by Moray B. King, “Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical Physics for the 21st Century” by Lynn A. Surgalla, “Nonconventional Energy and Propulsion Methods” by Thomas Valone, “High Voltage Concentric Field Generator Design” by Charles Yost, “Energy Generation Phenomenon: Lab to Star and Galaxy Generation” by P.T. Pappas, “Experiments in Synchronicity” by Shelly Thomson and “The Gary Magnetic Effect” by Dan Davidson

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