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Tesla Handbook

The Tesla coil is a high frequency, high voltage, air core, resonant transformer. It differs from the more familiar low frequency, iron core transformer in many ways including the unique capability of magnifying power (not energy).

Tesla invented the Tesla coil in the 1890s and engineers since then have used the concept in many products including utility high voltage apparatus, radio transmission, and medical equipment. However, Tesla coils offer many other possibilities that have not been developed to date.

Future uses for Tesla coils will be in the more efficient transmission of electrical energy and in lighting. Present transmission systems waste large amounts of electricity and the best lighting systems today are inefficient compared to high frequency systems. Tesla did much research in these fields but was unable to develop workable systems.

Other future possibilities are in the use of Tesla coils to overcome gravity. At present rocket ships require tremendous power for only short periods to reach orbit. They do this by burning large quantities of fuel which accounts for over 90% of their weight. The process is very inefficient because it is limited by relatively low specific impulses of chemical fuels. Specific impulses could be greatly increased by using charged particles energized by the high voltages and power magnifications possible with Tesla coils. How this will be done is waiting for some inventor to discover. It is certain to revolutionize rocket motors and fuel weight percentage in the future.

This handbook has been written in the hope that its readers will find in its pages the inspiration to study and research this unique electrical device and someday possibly discover new ideas for its use.

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