El Paso Electric Company

December 1st, 1899

Nikola Tesla's receipt from The El Paso Electric Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado for work performed on October 31st and November 1st of 1899. The charges are for linemen and helpers to install a new circuit after Tesla's experiments burned out the Colorado Springs power plant.

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I'm thinking most of this could possibly be incidental to Tesla's ongoing operations such as the construction of a new line to his facility, "New Circuit " for the 79.99$ and incidentals. The 7.57$ entry looks to be likely transformers near his site for which the power company only charged labor and only the "burned out armature " (?) seemed to be charged for which seems to be a pretty minor item. Interesting to note that instead of KWH, he was charged in pounds of coal for his power consumption unless the "hrs" notation had something to do with that in which case the 147hrs would be paltry in terms of kWh. The pounds of coal seems to increase in November to correlate with the increase in hrs to 182. Pretty cheap coal, 30 tons in October for 47.90$ and 36 tons in November for 54.60$, something around about 1.50$/ton! Seems to have other "lighting" charges in addition. You likely had to be there to understand those criptic entries. Fascinating tho to get a bit of a glimpse of Tesla's times! Wouldn't it be much more so to get to peruse those confiscated FBI files of his !

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