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A receipt from a dry goods store in Colorado Springs where Nikola Tesla purchased felt. It is unknown what the exact purpose for the felt was. If you have an idea, please share as a comment.

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I can think of four + uses.

1. Lubrication wicks for rotating metal shafts and in motors/generators (I have had equipment that used it for this purpose).
2. Glued to the bottoms/bottoms of feet for small wooden cabinets/chests/cases (I use it for this).
3. Tool chest drawer liners (I use it for this as well). In Tesla's era, tools were fitted into cutouts in boxes lined with felt, notably sensitive instruments.
4. Lubricated with grease and used as bushing material on rotating wooden shafts that see limited rotation.

I have also seen it used as backing material on ink blotters. The curved hand held type. The felt goes between the wood body and the paper blotter material as a cushion.

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Removing the mercury nitrate from the felt material?
"the use of solutions of mercuric nitrate was widespread in the felt industry".

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In his lab notes, Tesla described using felt soaked in oil as an insulator.

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Agreeing with the first comment, I wouldn't be surprised if it was used in mercury circuit controllers for dampening vibrations or in oilers/seals.

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Something as simple as creating static electricity?

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Felt may have been used to charge Layden Jars with static electricity.

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