Tesla's Electrical Station Is Sold For Value Of Lumber

The Colorado Springs Gazette announces the sale of the Colorado Springs Experimental Station. The Nikola Tesla experimental electrical station, near the Deaf and Blind school east of the city, has...
Type: article - Added: 3/20/2018

The cover of the Colorado Springs phone directory from 1900

The cover of the Colorado Springs phone directory from 1900.
The cover of the Colorado Springs phone directory from 1900.
Type: image - Added: 1/20/2018

The Tesla Files

Father of Alternative Energy: In his lab in Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla theorized that electricity could be broadcast free through the Earth, even generated from lightning and charged particles in...
Type: article - Added: 10/1/2017

Shedding light on neglected genius

Scientist Tesla experimented in Colorado The brilliant, enigmatic Nikola Tesla remains a relatively obscure figure in America, though his inventions far surpassed those of Thomas Edison. It was a...
Type: article - Added: 9/16/2017

Tesla group's artifacts not among its assets

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, the courts and numerous creditors would love to obtain some prized artifacts. But there's one problem. Nobody seems to know the location of the contents of the...
Type: article - Added: 9/15/2017

Springs lab site of scientist Tesla finally located

The clues were slim, but after several months of detective work the mystery was solved. Where was the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, the genius scientist inventor who, in 1899, spent eight months...
Type: article - Added: 9/15/2017

‘Lost’ Tesla lab may be found

Could be an interesting find they made Tuesday over at the southeast corner of Institute Street and Pikes Peak Avenue. Could be, just possibly, that they dug up the site of an old research lab used...
Type: article - Added: 9/15/2017

Searching for Tesla's laboratory

Donald Bruns, a former resident of Colorado Springs, uses his leisure time inventing improvements on the coil with which electricity wizard Nikola Tesla conducted successful experiments east of...
Type: article - Added: 9/14/2017

Dinner Honors Inventor's Memory, Parallels Evening 67 Years Ago

Among those at the head table for Monday night's banquet honoring the memory of Nikola Tesla at the El Paso Club are, from left, Eugene Goodwin, Richard L. Pearl and Sen. Paul Bradley. Every...
Type: article - Added: 9/13/2017

Tesla Historical Marker Dedicated

It isn't often that a historical marker is dedicated in Colorado Springs, and therefore the ceremonies dedicating a marker to the memory of the electronic age genius, Nikola Tesla, Monday afternoon...
Type: article - Added: 9/13/2017

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