New York Electric Company

December 1st, 1899

I am not able to decipher the items on this receipt. If you have ideas please post a comment.

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A common practice even today with some retailer type country hardware stores is to have a running tally of items picked up throughout the month which would then be billed the following month for the total of all the items.
The first cell to the far left of receipt appears to be the month of Nov.which would follow as the receipt was paid by the stamped date of December 21, 1899 followed by next cell of dates or day of the month. So on the 8th day of November he picked up what appears to be 6 plugs for $1.08. On the 11th of November he picked up 2 Min. Lamps for $1.20 and the 22nd of November he picked up 5# (lbs) of TSP? for $2.10 Above the 8th day is a dot signifying it as the 7th day also from above it, there it appears he picked up 1 spool of #24 wire and 7 (something)? of #22 wire. Above that also on the 7th appears to be 8-"B.B" (Bristle Brush?) @ $2.00 + 2g (gallons?) of #11 followed by maybe the trade name of paraffin oil? but in 1899 that would have been far less than the $10.40 listed, so it was 2 gallons @ $5.20 ea, liquid along with Bristle Brushes might be Shelac pertaining to the clue of the Company's Invoice and what they dealt in as seen on top of the invoice. On the 6th the third item to right seems to be 1 doz insulators abbreviated second Item 4 BL(black?) first item 6-(whatchamacalits?) The handwriting is very close to my mothers. This is my best shot...maybe others can decipher it further. Remember this company deals in motors generators lighting dynamos electrical supplies as shown at top of invoice which is a clue to the items listed. the first entry on the 6th will run the 6-(whatchamacalits) and get a picture of this to my mother who is good at reading her own writing and might be able to read that one as I said its very close to her writing.

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First line may be 6 switches 4 bushings and 1 dozen insulators for lighting in the lab (think knob and tube) 3rd line may be 1lb #24 wire and 9oz of #22 wire. This is my best guess. I agree with most of what 24Seven noted.

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I thought B.B. might be ball bearings?

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Took a while to figure out B.B. "Base box definition, a unit used in the sale of tin plate, equal to the total area of 112 sheets each measuring 14 by 20 inches (35 by 50 cm), or 31360 square". Base box is the only unit of measurement I have been able to find that uses B.B.

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agree with 24seven, the top one is definitely 6 switches and the BB could in fact be Buss Bars ?

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