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History of Westinghouse - An American Industrial Powerhouse - Powering the Future

This Is One Of The First Times This Historic Footage Has Been Assembled On One DVD!

Westinghouse continues to be one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Are you interested in how George Westinghouse got his mega company off the ground at the turn of the century? This exclusive collection of 100 year-old films shot at the turn of the century captures this industrial powerhouse as it was gearing up to power the 20th century.

This collection is invaluable to any business student, historian or film buff. If you want to know more about how Westinghouse began the new American Industrial Revolution, then you need to own History of Westinghouse - An American Industrial Powerhouse on DVD today!

This historic DVD contains amazing footage shot at the birth of motion pictures. Imagine getting the chance to see how generators were built when electricity was first entering the average American household!

See How AC Current Was Invented!

Today we take alternating current –the type that comes out of your wall socket –to be a given. We could not live without it! Yet in 1904, AC was the newest technology available on the marketplace. In these films you will see how the current was harnessed to light up our world!

Marvel At The Westinghouse Works!

This DVD contains classic clips of the Westinghouse Works, where George Westinghouse made his invaluable inventions. You will see the first steam turbine for a U.S. electric utility, the first main-roll drive for a steel mill, the first geared-turbine drive for a Navy ship, and the first American-built tungsten-filament lamp.

In 1900, George Westinghouse introduced the slogan, “The Name Westinghouse is a Guarantee.” Today we say, “You can be sure …if it’'s Westinghouse.” However you say it, Westinghouse has been and will continue to be known for innovation, quality and for technology designed to improve the welfare of mankind.