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Edwin H. Armstrong

Edwin Armstrong


An American engineer who made many advancements to the foundation Nikola Tesla laid in radio. He is considered the father of FM radio. Mr. Armstrong greatly respected Tesla.


THE PROGRESS OF SCIENCE NIKOLA TESLA, 1857-1943 With the death of Nikola Tesla in New York City on January 7th, 1943, there passed a man whose inventions in the field of alternating current power...

The editor of RADIO-CRAFT invited America's .leading radio men scientists to contribute their views on the outstanding achievements of Dr. Nikola Tesla. Their expressions follow: From the President of...


The evolution of electric power from the discovery of Faraday in 1831 to the initial great installation of the Tesla polyphase system in 1896 [at Niagara Falls] is undoubtedly the most tremendous...

The world, I think, will wait a long time for Nikola Tesla's equal in achievement and imagination.