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Hardly is there a nation which has met with a sadder fate than the Serbians. From the height of its splendor, when the empire embraced almost the entire northern part of the Balkan peninsula and a large portion of what is now Austria, the Serbian nation was plunged into abject slavery, after the fateful battle of 1389 at the Kosovo Polje, against the overwhelming Asian hordes. Europe can never repay the great debt it owes to the Serbians for checking, by the sacrifice of its own liberty, that barbarian influx.

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B not V :)

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Hi milica,

Thanks for setting us straight on the spelling. We've corrected the mistake. This quote was taken from Marc Seifer's Wizard book (page 1) and the spelling in the book is as this quote was originally listed with 'Serbian' spelled as 'Servian.' I will try to remember to ask Mr. Seifer if this misspelling was introduced in the publishing of his book, the original source of the quote or if Tesla himself is responsible for the misspelling. Thanks again for letting us know.

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