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Help Save Wardenclyffe - Tesla's Only Remaining Laboratory

Submitted by cameron on March 16, 2009 at 11:30am

UPDATE: In a follow-up email Marc Seifer states that he and other interested parties have been in contact with New York Sentator Charles Schumer. Marc recommends that we include him in our campaign to save Wardenclyffe as he is receptive to the cause. You may write Sentator Schumer at the following address or through a web form at the link below.

Charles E. Schumer - (D - NY) Class III

This morning I received a disturbing email from Marc Seifer, the author of Wizard: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla, indicating that in spite of the efforts of the Wardenclyffe Project, the only remaining Tesla laboratory and the property it is located upon are now up for sale. A prospective buyer has revealed his intent of leveling this priceless landmark in order to build condos.

As Marc stated, this is a crisis situation and we are asking that everyone rally together and help initiate a letter campaign to the governor of New York to urge him to consider using a portion of the stimulus funds to purchase the Wardenclyffe site.

The contact information for Governor David A. Paterson can be found here:


Please take a few minutes of your time and write the governor and pass this information on to others so that they may join the effort to save such an important piece of history.

We are also seeking other parties that would be willing to help save Wardenclyffe. If you have ideas or suggestions, please post them in the Save Wardenclyffe Thread.

Thank you,
Cameron Prince
Tesla Universe founder and CEO

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