Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower and Laboratory

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5 Randall Road
Shoreham, NY 11786
United States


40.946735897889, -72.900637319737

Wardenclyffe Tower and Laboratory

Wardenclyffe was Tesla's most grandiose plan! He built a power plant on Long Island, New York (now Shoreham) in 1902 with the intention of sending power wirelessly around the globe.

Tesla’s predictions of potential uses include:

  • Interconnection of all existing telegraph stations;
  • Introduction of the country’s telegraph service without the possibility of interference;
  • Interconnection of all existing telephone stations;
  • Global distribution of common interest news via telegraphy or telephone;
  • Introduction of the world system for the transmission of private messages;
  • Interconnection and operation of all devices for the transmission of stock market information;
  • Introduction of the world system for the transmission of music;
  • Registering of universal time using cheap clocks that show astronomical time and do not require servicing;
  • Transmission of printed facsimiles or handwritten letters, checks, etc.;
  • Introduction of universal maritime service, which would enable sailors to navigate without a compass, to accurately determine the ship location, time and speed, to prevent collisions, accidents, etc.;
  • Introduction of the world press system, on sea and ground;
  • Reproduction of photos, drawings, and documents on any location in the world.