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W.W.T. 2011 - Winter Western Teslathon

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The Western Winter Teslathon 2011 (W.W.T 2011) is just around the corner (March 5). Dr. Hankenstein and Dr. Spark are busy preparing for what ought to be the unsurpassed W.W.T in six years. This year will be more striking than ever (pun intended) with coilers and their machines converging from across the nation, coming all the way from N.Y. and Northern California.

A wide assortment of Tesla Coils and HV apparatus will fill the beautiful Arizona skies with its yearly ozone levels on this wonderful night. Tesla coils with spark gaps, DRSSTC's, Audio Modulated SSTC's, VTTC's to Static Generators will fill the appetites of many indeed.

We are looking forward to another great W.W.T.!

Best Rgs,
Dr. Hankenstein and Dr. Spark