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AC/DC Thunderstruck Cinematic Cover by Tommee Profitt & William Joseph

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We recently had the pleasure of providing one of our large Tesla coils for an awesome new video by world-famous piano players, Tommee Profitt and William Joseph.

The video was for their cinematic cover of AC/DC's song, Thunderstruck and features two custom-built pianos which look like they were delivered directly from the Batcave.

It was a challenging shoot. The location was still under construction and there was no mains connection. The generator we received was barely usable... The speed fluctuations it suffered from caused an output spike and this took out a capacitor in one of the coils.

Of course, with a project of this importance, we had a second coil on hand and were back up and running in no time. We found that if we dropped the speed control on the generator down below normal, the fluctuations were reduced. The output from the coil was in turn, slightly reduced, but we made the best of it and the video turned out great!

I hope you check out the video and these awesome artists!