Nikola Tesla and his Colorado Springs oscillator


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TUP #2 - Charlotte Muzar Interview: Part 1

See part one of a never-before-published interview with Charlotte Muzar who was the secretary of Sava Kosanović, Tesla's nephew. We also catch up on the Colorado Springs Lab Model project and answer questions from last week's episode.

Video Details

This video interview was provided to me on VHS tape by a close relative of Ms. Muzar. I've been researching Tesla for decades and I have never seen this video elsewhere. To the best of my knowledge, it is unreleased and contains details about Tesla and Kosanović that were previously, not widely known. In part 1, Ms. Muzar introduces herself and describes meeting Tesla for the first and only time just before his death. This video is nearly two hours long and will be released in increments over the next several podcast episodes.