TCBA News Volume 10 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter 1991
20 pages


Electrical World, Brief History · Journals Dedication: Yesterday's Electrical Journals · Alternative World Conference, Call For Papers · Cancer, A Link Between Electromagnetic Fields And Cancer · Mullen, Jeff, East Meets West Again · Swami Vivekananda, Tesla And Indian Mysticism · Tesla Music, Tesla Suite For Organ · Tesla Video, America Rediscovers Nikola Tesla · Television, Japanese TV Honors Tesla · Tesla And Music, Another Anniversary · Tesla Coil Building Groups, The Northwest TC Builders · Tesla Museum Of Science And Industry, Las Vegas · Tesla, Armand, Who Was Armand Tesla? · Neon Sign Transformer, Input-Output · Quenched Gap, Input-Output. · Spark Gap, Input-Output · Tesla, Nikola, Elihu Thomson And Nikola Tesla · O'neill, John J, Observations On Elihu Thomson And.. · Tesla Coils, Thomson, E, HF And Electric Currents · Tesla Coil, Leyh, Construction Details, Medium-Sized TC · Industrial Micro, Catalog

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