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TCBA News Volume 10 - Issue 1 Cover
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TCBA News Volume 10 - Issue 1

1st Quarter


Gernsback Remembered · Gernsback, A Certain Fondness · Madalena Batiste, The Answer Found · Paul, Frank R., Dedication · International Tesla Society, Symposium A Huge Success · Safety, World Congress On Safety Science · Tesla Coil Suppliers, Gadgeter's Goldmine · Tesla Lightning Protector · Tesla, Jeff Goldblum As Tesla? · Tesla, Tesla's Lightning Generator · Tesla, The Not So Favorable Editorial · Tesla's Long Island Wireless Tower, Terminal Capacitance · Archer, David, Archer's Art Getting Worldwide Attention · Aurandt, Dick, Receives Patent · Safety, Staying Alive · Tesla Turbine Pump, History Revisited · Tesla, United States Using Tesla Devices? · Books, High Frequency Books In Reprint · Computer, New BBS Information · Tesla Coils, Evans, Tesla Coil Plans · Tesla Coils, McDonnel Douglas, Patent Issued... · Wimshurst Machine, Wimshurst Project · Saran Wrap, Incoming Mail · Tesla Coils, Wiesner, 833 Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil · Tesla Coils, Cooke, Tesla Coils Resurrected · Spark Gaps, Transformer Selection, Art Of Quenching · Tesla Coils In General, Editorial Errors And Miscalc... · Tesla Coils, Montgomery, Description Of Five kVA Tesla Coil · Humor, The Leave 'Em Laughing Department

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