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Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil

TCBA News Volume 13 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter


Arbus, Muriel, Secretary, Dedication · Auction Trends, Letter Sold · Book, High Voltage Fun, Cutting & Sons, T.A. · Dinar Note, 1000, Yugoslavia Currency · Notebook, Kenneth Strickfaden · Secretary, Observations By, Muriel Arbus, · TCBA News, Restricted Technical Information · Computer Software, RF System, Tesoft · Letters, TCBA · Patent, International Application References TCBA Members · Tesla Reincarnated, Lindsay's Technical Books · Tesla's Hoax?, Electronic Design, Bob Pease · Bulletin Board, Databank BBS, N. Dallas Texas TCB · Teslathon, Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders, Ed Wingate · Wireless Power, Modern Plans · Spark Gap, Quenched, For Coil Sets, Radio News · Solid State Tesla Coil, Ford Model T, Input-Output · Letters, Tesla Pros And Cons, Radio Collector · Tesla Coil, Twin System, Ed Wingate, Wingate Electric · Notebook, Sketches, Kenneth J. Strickfaden · Tesla Coils Resurrected, High Voltage Fun, T.A. Cutting · Secretary, Observations By, Muriel Arbus, Part 1 · Intersection Of Obscurity And Pride, New York Times · Twining, Harry, Laverne, Obituary · Tesla Coil, Vacuum Tube, 833, John Freau · Book, Textbook Of Physics, Electric Oscillations And Waves

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