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Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil
TCBA News Volume 17 - Issue 2 Cover

TCBA News Volume 17 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter


Book, Maxwell On The Electromagnetic Field, Thomas K. Simpson · Book, The Day After Roswell, Col. Philip J. Corso · Cover, Science And Invention Mag April 1931 · Oersted, Hans Christian, Dedication And Achievements · HAARP, Secrets Of Cold War Technology--Project HAARP And Beyond · Haunted House, Mark Matthews-simmons, Boulder Colorado · School, Secondary, Nikola Tesla Educational Opportunity Center · Video, The Power God, 1926 Silent Serial · Witschey, Walter, Director Of Science Museum Of Virginia In Richmond · Book, Lost Science, Johnson Smith Company · Book, Madness In The Making, David Lindsay · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Green Monster, Demos, Franklin Institute Museum, Philadelphia, PA · Double-ended Vs. Single Ended TC, Physical Review 1930, Input-Output · Teslathon, Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders, 1997 · Teslathon, Tesla Coil Builders Of Richmond, TCBOR, 8th Annual · Tesla Coil, Introduction To The Untraditional, Maurice L Ponsart, Last · Magazine, QST, How Antennaz Work, Mar 1924, John Reinartz · Reinartz, John L, Radio Amateur, 1QP, Designer And Author · Milvay TC, Chicago Apparatus Co, 1936 Catalog, Tesla Coils Resurrected

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