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TCBA - Tesla Coil Builders Association

Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil
TCBA News Volume 17 - Issue 1 Cover
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TCBA News Volume 17 - Issue 1

1st Quarter


Cover, Photo Of Treatment For Neuralgia, 1911 · Faraday, Michael, Dedication And Achievements · Henry, Joseph, Dedication And Achievements · Book, Let's Scare 'Em, By Rick Atkins, Filmography, Strickfaden · Free Energy -- The Race To Zero Point, Video, With Mail Order Info · Safety Warning Signs, Laminated, For TC Labs, Dave Sharpe · Theremin, Web Page Address On Internet · Video, Edison And Others, Silent Film Documentary · Bell, Art Bell, Radio Show · Books, 5 Titles In Which Tesla Briefly Mentioned, Barnes & Noble · Farnsworth, Philo T, Inventor Of Television, Biography Magazine · Lemelson, Jerome, Obituary, Prolific Inventor · Magazine, R & D, Scientists Who Were Shafted, Avail On Web Site · Graphical Plot Of TC Relationships, Input-Output · Marcum, 'Mad-Man', Exploits, Input-Output · Secondary Coil Oversized To Power Supply? Input-Output · Transformers, Neon Sign, Parallel Unit Guidelines, Input-Output · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Tesla Coil, Introduction To The Untraditional, Maurice L Ponsart, Pt 2 · Project, Hydrogen Thyratron Based TC/Magnifier Driver, R. Hull · Project, Rotary Speed Control, Solid State, Kevin Eldridge · Martian Communication, Dec 1937 Article, Short Wave & Television · Martian Communication, Feb 1908 Article, The Live Wire · Tesla Coils Resurrected, Electrician And Mechanic, Conclusion · Tesla Bust Project A Success, Plans Are Underway To Broaden Program · Photos, Men At Work (And Play) At Rochester Teslathon

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