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TCBA News Volume 17 - Issue 4

4th Quarter


Cover, Typical Oudin Resonator?, Medical Book, C.M. Sampson M.D. · TCBA News, What Is It Worth? Price Increase Policy · Theremin, Leon And Clara Rockmore, Dedication · Patent, Flat Panel TV Display, References Tesla Patents · Radio Signals From Space, Karl Jansky, IEEE Proceedings · Resonance, Tesla-Shumann, Phenomenon, IEEE Proceedings · Rockmore, Clara (Reisenberg), Obituary, First Theremin Concert · Video, Nikola Tesla, The Life And Times Of A Forgotten Genius · Book, Der Tesla Motor, In German, Also Museum Web Site · D'arsonval, Tesla's Comments On, Regarding Medical Therapy · TCBA, Summer That Never Was, Impact On News? · Unscheduled Convention, Steve Karkus · Advertisement, Lichtenberg Figures, For Sale, Anthony DeAngelis · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Cleveland Ohio, Local Area Interest, T.W. Laskowski · Magazine, Scientific American, Acoustical Resonant Models · Questions Of 1/4 Vs 1/2 Wave-length In Previous News Article · Book, Day After Roswell, Commentary, Q&A · Capacitor, Compressed Air, Q&A · Museum, Pittsburgh PA, TC Display, George Kaufman, Q&A · Wire, Stranded Vs Solid Vs Litz (Litzendraht), Q&A · Magazine, Science And Mechanics, 50th Anniversary Issue, B. Robertson · Hardware Hunting, Hamfests, How-To, Richard Hull, TCBOR · Corrections, Vacuum Tube Articles, Hydrogen Thyratron · Tesla Vs Oudin Currents In Therapy, Article From 1926 Book · Frequency Propaganda, Article From 1926 Book · Magnifier, Observations: Part 2, Lou Balint · Milvay TC, Chicago Apparatus Co, 1936 Catalog, Tesla Coils Ressurected · Milvay TC, Accessories, Chicago Apparatus Co, Tesla Coils Ressurected · Photos, Unscheduled Convention, High Voltage Dream · Lichtenberg Figures, Advertisement, Anthony DeAngelis · TCBA Decal · TCBA Index, Advertisement, Robert Wroblewski

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