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TCBA News Volume 18 - Issue 1

1st Quarter


Ball Lightning And Tesla's Electric Fireballs, Paper, Leland Anderson · Book, Nikola Tesla: Guided Weapons & Computer Technology · Cover, Popular Science, July 1956, Radio Remote Control Patent · Corso, Col. Phillip J, Author Of Book - The Day After Roswell, Obituary · Kempher, George F, TCBA Member, Obituary · Kosanovich, Nicholas, Tesla Memorial Society, Obituary · Lost Papers, FBI Seized Tesla Files, Book, The Day After Roswell · Statue, Presentation Of, Midland PA, Serb National Museum · Video, Pinnochio's Violin, Theremin Performance, You Asked For It · Video, The Boogie Man Will Get You, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre · Video, The Devil Commands, 1941, Boris Karloff · Accelerator, Giant European Supercollidor · CD Recording, Positive Thinking By Acoustic Alchemy, Tesla Cover · Magazine, Filmfax, #67 & 68, Ken Strickfaden, Frankenstein Movies · Magazine, IEEE Engineering In Medicine And Biology, July/Aug 1998 · Magazine, Popular Science, Aug 1998, Jacob Rainbow, Inventor · Television Program, Sightings, Negative References To Tesla · Magazine, Electronics Now, Don Lancaster, Slams Tesla · Radio, Art Bell Interview, Al Bielik, The Philadelphia Experiment · TCBA News, Proposed Future Plans, Harry Goldman · Video, Mystery Liner, Strickfaden Props · Video, University Of Wisconsin Lectures, Wonders Of Physics · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Correction, Formula In News V17-3 06 · Theremin, Leon, The Art Of The Theremin, CD Recording · Video, Wonders Of Physics, Letter Of Recommendation · Coupling, Critical, For Vacuum Tube TC, Input-Output · Extended Runs, Effect On Life Of Tesla Coil, Input-Output · Gap Quench, 500 Hz Vs 60 Hz, Spark, Input-Output · Resistance, DC Or RF, Most Important For TC Design, Input-Output · Museum, Bellingham Antique Radio, WA, Email And Postal, Ed Angell · Teslathon, Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders, 1998, Report, RATCB · Teslathon, Rochester Area Tesla Coil Builders, 1998, Photos, RATCB · Teslathon, Tesla Coil Builders Of Richmond, TCBOR, 1998, Report · Teslathon, Tesla Coil Builders Of Richmond, TCBOR, 1998, Photos · Spark Gap, Techniques To Determine Optimum Break Rate, D.C. Cox · Strickfaden, Comments On Tesla, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 1981 · Strickfaden, Props In Various Movies, American Cinematographer · Magazine, Practical Electronics, Nov 1921, TC Resurrected · Advertisement, Inventory Reduction Sale #1, Harry Goldman · Advertisement, Toroids, For Sale, John Freau

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