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Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil
TCBA News Volume 18 - Issue 3 Cover

TCBA News Volume 18 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter


Cancer, Jolts Of Electricity Kills Cell, Research At Universities · Cover, Photo, Tesla In Laboratory, 1925 · Goldman, Harry And Ruth, Vacation To Florida, Orlando Science Center · Watt, Ampere, Ohm, Dedication · Conspiracy Or Gentleman's Agreement? 1988 IEEE Proceedings · Smithsonion Institution, Diminish Tesla's Impact On History · Antique Wireless Association, AWA, Old Timers Bulletin, AWA Review · Plyler, John, Obituary, In Memorium, By Richard Hull, TCBOR · Stamps, American Inventors, 1993 Commemorative, Mystic Stamp · Video, #22 Toroid Making, Coil Winding Machine, John Freau · Auction, Internet, eBay Of Tesla Items, Betty Stoutenberg · Book, Tesla: Man Of Mystery, Inner Light Publictions · Books, 5 Titles With References To Tesla Or TC, 3 Titles Without · Butkus, Tom, TCBA Member And News Contributor, Obituary · Play, Tesla's Letters, Theater Review, NY Times, Steve Parsons · Popular Science, May Issue, AC Induction Motor, Credited Inventor · TCBA News, Letters From Membership, Retirement · Weapons, Coming 'Secret', Radio Craft Magazine, 1944, Hugo Gernsback · Big TC, Design Changes For Safety And Performance, Input-Output · Critical Coupling, Input-Output · Resonate, Does A Tesla Coil? Misunderstandings, Dr Resonance, D.C. Cox · Constructing A Tesla Coil, Science And Invention, Oct 1928 · Bipolar Tesla Coil, Construction And Testing, Timothy Raney, TCBOR · Motors, Electric, Their Action, Control And Application, 1910 · Tesla's Letters, Theater Review, NY Times, April 1999, Steve Parsons · Biography, Big Town, NY Daily News, April 1999, Ben Aronson · Experiments, Spectacular Electrical, Science And Invention, Jan 1931 · Radio Telegraphy And Telephony, History Of, G.G. Blake, London 1928 · Physics, Introduction To, Harley Howe, Mcgraw Hill, N.Y. 1942 · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Men At Work (And Play), Photos Of Tim Davy, Jim Roddy, Ed Dent · Advertisement, For Sale, All Of My TC Stuff, Randall S. Peterson

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