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TCBA News Volume 18 - Issue 4

4th Quarter


Book, Tesla's Teleforce & Telegeodynamic Proposals, Leland Anderson · Cover, Lightning Strikes Over Wardenclyffe Tower · Dangers Of Tesla Coil Work, Amusing Story Of Police Encounter · Franklin, Ben And His Kite, Dedication · Tesla Coil Design Tips, Optimum Ratios Of Components, D.C. Cox · Tesla Coil Efficiency, Break Rate And Toroid Size, John Freau · Electrotherapy, IEEE Publishes Tesla Lecture, Reprint · Book, History Of Tesla, A Calif Coal Mining Town, Mosier, Williams · Electrotherapy, Resonant Freq Comes Of Age, Rife/Bare, Video, Web · Lecture, Ray Brubacher At Brookfield Academy, Maryland · Newspaper, Nikola Tesla: Immigrant, Inventor, Eccentric · Old Timers Bulletin, Tesla's Dream, The World System Of Wireless · Richards, Austin, Demo With Metal Mesh Suit And Birdcage Helmet · Book, The Body Electric, Becker And Selden · D'Arsonval, Physician And Inventor, IEEE Retrospectroscope · Electrotherapeutic, IEEE Proceedings, Tesla Innovations · International Tesla Society, Bankruptcy Settlement News · Tesla Bust On Display At Five Institutions · Cancer, Jolts Of Electricity Kills Cell, Letter · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Fair Radio Sales · Science First · Coupling, Critical And Tight Of Primary To Secondary Coils · Franklin, Ben And The Kite, The Mentor, May 1925, Richard Dean · Tesla Coil Efficiency, Break Rate And Toroid Size, John Freau · Tesla Coil Design Tips, Resonance Research, D.C. Cox · Letter, 80th Anniversary Rsvp, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge, 1936 · Tesla Coil Cigar-Box Project, Vacuum Tube, Popular Science, 1951 · Tesla Coils In Movies, Hidden Dangers, 1920 · TCBA Decal

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