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TCBA News Volume 19 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter


Book, Longest Man Made Discharge, Siberian Marx Generator · Cover, Vacuum Tubes, Lighted By Induction, Scientific American, 1896 · Cover, Wardenclyffe Tower, V18-4, Comment Of Disappointment · Dedication: John Stone Stone, Wireless Pioneer, Patent Holder · Feedline Newsletter, Issue #8, Twenty First Century Books · Book, Tesla: Master Of Lightning, Review By Leland Anderson · Burning Man Festival, Annually In Nevada, Dr. Megavolt · Displays, Professional, By California Based Engineers, kVA Effects · Niagara, Electrical Power, The History Channel, Documentary · Tesla Field, Floating Bubbles, Named By UFO Researcher Ellen Crystal · University Of Colorado Wizards, Prof. John Taylor, Demonstrations · Ball Lightning, Documentary, Coming On Television · Book, Crackpot Or Genius?, Frances D. Reynolds · Book, Electric UFO's, Albert Budden, Tip From Ruth Goldman · Book, Of The Fair, Description Of Display, Tip By Ruth Goldman · Consumer Electronics Hall Of Fame, Pioneers Inducted · Faraday, Michael, IEEE Retrospectroscope, L.A. Geddes · Poptronics, New Magazine, From Electronics Now & Popular Electronics · TCBA News, Final Countdown, To Cease Publication, V20-4, Last Issue · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Reflections On Work, Writing By Nikola Tesla · Crowd Stopper II, Question On V19-1 Article, Input-Output · Teleforce, Electrostatic Generator, Comments On V18-4 Article · Tesla Motor, Comments On V19-1 TCBA News Article, Input-Output · Bipolar Tesla Coil, Mini-Twin, Description, Photos, Brian Basura · Wireless Course, Lesson #17, Tesla Coils Resurrected · Teslathon, Tesla Coil Builders Of Richmond, TCBOR, 1998, Report · Teslathon, Tesla Coil Builders Of Richmond, TCBOR, 1998, Photos · Lumped-Element Circuit Theory Failure, Kenneth L, James F. Corum

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