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TCBA - Tesla Coil Builders Association

Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil
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TCBA News Volume 19 - Issue 1

1st Quarter


Cover, Motor, Two Phase, From Tesla Lab, Photos By Ed Aronson · Galvani & The Frog's Legs, Dedication · TCBA News, Final Countdown, V20-4, Reasons, The Truth, Lastly · TCBA News, Most Enjoyable Part, Who Will Take Over? · Brown, William C, IEEE Life Fellow, Tip By Leland I Anderson · Insights Of Genius, Mental Design Capability, Book, Arthur I. Miller · Supreme Court, Misreading The, David Wunsch, Antenna, Nov 1998 · Supreme Court, Rereading The, Wallace E. Brand, Antenna, May 1999 · Topolski, Robert, TCBA Member, Triggered Spark Gaps Author, Obituary · Beaming Power To Communication Satellites From The Ground, Doe Report · Greiner, Skip, Choo-Choo Cam And TC Article, Grosse Pointe News · Griffith Observatory, Tesla Coil Replicated, Bill Wysock · Oxford Dictionary Of Scientists, New Penguin Dictionary Of Science. · Tesla Coils, Popularity Making A Comeback?, Nuts & Volts, Walt Noon · Free-energy Device, Dennis Lee Claims, Its?, Tip From Betty Stoutenberg · Popular Electroncs, Editorial Page, Tesla Dedication · Scientific Savant, Popular Electronics, James P. Ryback · Solid State Tesla Coil, Popular Electronics, Charles D. Rakes · Suppressed Inventions, J. Eisen, Scientific Conspiracy Book · TCBA News, Different Type Font Explained, Harry Goldman · Coupling, Coefficient Of Coupling Explained, Critical Coupling · Coupling, Tight For Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils, Input-Output · Double-Ended Coil, Tesla's Lecture, Leland Anderson · Crowd Stopper, Build The, Repulsion Coil, Walter B. Ford, 1967 · Exotic Research, Steve Elswick, ITS, Letter By E.K. Armstrong · Goldman, Harry, Items For Sale List, Sase · Tesla: The Modern Sorcerer, Fictionalized Biography, Daniel Stewart · Galvani, Luigi And The Frog's Legs, By Floyd L. Darrow · Crowd Stopper II, Repulsion Coil, Project, Nick Caimano · Induction Coils, How To Make, Use, And Repair Them, 1901, H.S. Norrie · Catalogs, List Of, Addresses · Records From Tesla's Laboratories, For Sale, Leland Anderson · TCBA Index, Advertisement, Robert Wroblewski · Transformers, Pole, For Sale, Resonance Research, D.C. Cox · Famous Inventors I Have Interviewed, H. Winfield Secor, April 1927 · Wireless Power -- The 100 Year Old Dream

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