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TCBA News Volume 3 - Issue 1

1st Quarter 1984
20 pages


Armstrong, E. H. · Tesla Coils, Ohio Insulator, Cover · Coil Loading · Horn Gap · Tesla Coil Construction, Principles Part 6, Spark Gap · Tesla Coil, The Spark Gap · Spark Gap, Water Cooled · Tesla Coil, Spark Gap, Water Cooled Spark Gap Project · Tesla Coils, Member Activity, Eddy Aronson · Tesla Coils, Richards, E.L. · Experiments, Part 6 · Tesla Coil, Special Effects Experiments... Part 6 · Tesla Coils, Angell, Tesla Coil Capable Of 84-inch Sparks · Tesla Coil General, Tesla Coils In Fiction · Tesla Coils In Fiction · Airborne Sales Co. · C And H Sales Co. · Fair Radio Sales · Halted

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