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TCBA News Volume 3 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter
Tesla Coils, Zero Point R & D · Strickfaden, Kenneth · Strickfaden, Ken, 1896-1984 · Capacitor, Oil Immersed · Coil Loading · Grounding Of Transformer · Secondary Form Internal Discs · Spark Length Vs Input Power · Variable Transformers · Tesla Coil Construction, Principles Part 7, Multi-spark Gap · Tesla Coil, The Multiple Spark · Legel, Gary W, N6TO · Tesla Coils, Member Activity, Gary W. Legel · Experiments, Making A Bulb Holder · Tesla Coil, Special Effects Experiments... Part 7 · Tesla Coils, Wysock, Project, Compact Quarter-Wave TC · Coefficient Of Coupling · Cox, D.C. · Formula, Coefficient Of Coupling · Tesla Coil Theory, Coefficient Of Coupling.. · Frequency Beating · Band Pass Effect · Capacitive Coupling · Resonance Research · Bush Instrument Sales · Heyco, Heyman Manufacturing Co · Hipotronics · J And J Scientific · Jerry Co · Magnet Wire Inc. · Micro Plastics Inc. · Non-Metallics Inc. · Ross Engineering Corp. · Salt Lake Instrument Service · Small Parts Inc. · Universal Voltronics · United States Plastic Corp.

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