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TCBA News Volume 4 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter 1985
20 pages


Austin, Louis W. · International Tesla Society · Museum Of Science And Industry · Project Nick · Strickfaden, Kenneth · Zenith Factor · Tesla Turbine · Conical Forms · Impedance Matching · Ratios, Coil Dimensions · Secondary Coil Length · Spark Gap, Series · Tesla Coils, DeAngelis, Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil · Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils, DeAngelis · Tesla Coils In Vaudeville · Tesla Coils, Vaudeville · Wimshurst Static Machine · Toroid From Chimney Pipe Elbow · Toroid, How I Made It, A Home Made Tordid · Toroids And Their Tesla Coil Applications · Tesla Coils, On Display, Milwaukee School · Creative Complex · T And R Transformer

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