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TCBA - Tesla Coil Builders Association

Devoted to the construction, operation and theoretical analysis of the Tesla coil

TCBA News Volume 4 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter


Hammond, John Hays, Jr · Tesla Book Company · Tesla Bust · Tesla Coils, Blitzen · Tesla Memorial Society · Transtrom, H.L. · Ring Discharge Experiment · Cold Fusion · Grounding · Salt Water Rheostat · Spark Gap, Location In Circuit · Turns Spacing · X-rays · Oudin Coil, Compared To Tesla · Tesla Coil, Input-Output · Spark Gap · Spark Gap, Fixed · Tesla Coil Theory, Quenching And Coupling.. · Tesla Coils, Member Activity, Ron Carp · Tesla Coils, Mcilvaine, Hubert · Tesla Coils, Goodsey, Frank W. · Newcombe, David · Safety Gap, How I Made It, A Home Made Safety Gap · Van De Graaff Generator · Quarter Wave Coil

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