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TCBA News Volume 9 - Issue 4 Cover

TCBA News Volume 9 - Issue 4

4th Quarter


Ryan, Harris J, Dedication · Ryan, Harris J, Research Can Be Frustrating · Electricity And Bully, Electricity To The Rescue · Lightning, Victims Of Lightning Strikes Organize · Niagara Falls, Activity · Plasma Globe, Sonic For $49.80 · Quantum Leap Unlimited · Tesla Coils, Foltarz, CSU Student Electrifies University... · Tesla, From Heaven To Earth (Nikola Tesla Returns) · Video, Fabulous Villains · Lightning Storm Alert Electronic Sensor · Niagara Falls, Adams Hydroelectric Honored · Noyce, Robert, Silicon Valley Electronics Pioneer Dead · Project Tesla, Inc · Science Probe, The Amateur Scientist's Journal · Tesla, Inc. · Tesla, Nikola, Forgotten Genius · Tesla, Tesla Speaks' (Through Mental Transmission Or ESP) · Tesla And Westinghouse, Incoming Mail, Westinghouse · GE High Voltage Laboratory, Input-Output · Steinmetz C.P., Input-Output · Tesla Coils, Allen, Tesla Coils Resurrected · Tesla Coils, Member Activity, Richard Hull · Sphere Gap Discharge Voltages At High Frequencies · Health, How Much Current Is Fatal · Spark Gaps, Transformer Selection, Art Of Quenching · Tesla, What They Said (About Tesla) · Tesla, Nikola, The Man · Tesla, Reminiscences And Deja Vu · Tesla Coils, Surefire V5.0

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