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The Tesla Coil Builders Association was formed in 1982 by Harry Goldman of Queensbury, NY. For a 20-year period, Harry published an accompanying quarterly newsletter that covered Nikola Tesla, the rich history of and various facets of Tesla coiling, articles from famous and experienced coilers both past and present, and practical how-to information. Harry formally retired the publication with the last issue in August, 2001.

In 2007, the TCBA copyrights were acquired by Tesla Universe. All 78 issues have been scanned from the masters and are now available to read online by our members. The technology has changed significantly in the years since the TCBA, but the theory and passion remains the same and is just as valuable today as it was then.

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Volume 19 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter 2000

Volume 19 - Issue 4

4th Quarter 2000


Volume 20 - Issue 1

1st Quarter 2001


Volume 20 - Issue 2

2nd Quarter 2001

Volume 20 - Issue 3

3rd Quarter 2001


Volume 20 - Issue 4

4th Quarter 2001