Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Annual and General Meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers

May 9th, 1891
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The spring meetings of the Institute will be held on May 19, 20 and 21, at its headquarters, No. 12 West Thirty-first Street, New York City. The preliminary programme as arranged by the Committee on Papers and Meetings and the Local Committee of Arrangements, is as follows:

The regular monthly meeting of council will be held in the secretary’s office at 5 P. M., May 19. The annual meeting for the presentation of reports, election of officers and other business will follow at 8 P. M. on the same date.

The morning session, May 20, will assemble at 10 o’clock, when the following papers will be read: “The Development of the Dynamo,” by Prof. Harris J. Ryan; “Evolution of the Stationary Electric Motor,” by Dr. S. S. Wheeler; “Some Data Concerning the Photometry of the Arc Lamp,” by Prof. E. L. Nichols. At the afternoon session of the same day the following papers will be presented: “A New Graphical Method of Calculating Leads for Wiring,” by Carl Hering; “Street Car Motor Design,” by H. F. Parshall; “Some Recent Improvements in Printing Telegraphs,” by Henry Van Hoevenbergh; “A Proposed Electrical Equipment for the Coming Rapid Transit System of New York City,” by Frank J. Sprague. The evening session will be held at Columbia College. This will consist of “Experiments with Alternating Currents of High Frequency,” by Nikola Tesla.

Thursday morning, May 21, the members will meet at the Crocker-Wheeler Motor Company’s factory, 430 West Fourteenth street. After an inspection of this establishment the meeting will re-assemble at 12 West Thirty-first street, when the following papers will be read: “A New Device for the Measurement of Alternating Current Potential,” by Prof. Geo. S. Moler; “A Study of the Fluctuations of E. M. F. in the Open-Coil Armature of a Constant-Current Machine,” by M. E. Thompson; “Some Results in the practical Utilization of Electric Welding,” by Dr. F. A. C. Perrine. The papers to be read at the afternoon session, May 21, are: “Electric Meters,” G. W. Walker; an address by Dr. W. H. Wahl on “The Aluminium Problem, Retrospective and Prospective”; also a paper entitled “Shall Aluminium be ‘Alium,’” by Oberlin Smith. In connection with this subject there will be an exhibit of aluminium products. Thursday evening a reception will be tendered to the Institute by the New York Electric Club.

Visits to the different electrical establishments and objects of interest will also be arranged for Friday, May 22, an announcement of which will be published in the official programme.


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