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Interplanetary Communication

Article added 11/11/2011
To the Editors of the Electrical World: There are countless worlds such as ours in the universe — planets revolving around their suns in elliptical orbits and spinning on their axes like gigantic...


Ewing's High Frequency Alternator

Article added 10/28/2011
Prof. Ewing, whose tests of the Parsons steam turbine were published in our last issue, recently designed a high frequency alternator adapted to be driven by this high speed turbine. The complete...


The Ewing High-Frequency Alternator and Parsons Steam Engine *

Article added 10/27/2011
In your issue of November 18† I find a description of Professor Ewing’s high-frequency alternator, which has pleased me, chiefly because it conveyed to me the knowledge that he, and with him, no...

Nikola Tesla Becomes the Recipient of Edison Medal

Article added 10/12/2011
PRESENTATION OF AWARD FOR EARLY ORIGINAL WORK AND TRIBUTES TO THE INVENTOR — NEW A. I. E. E. OFFICERS Presentation of the Edison medal to Nikola Tesla and formal report upon the newly elected...


Nikola Tesla

Article added 10/12/2011
The award of the Edison medal to Nikola Tesla is most appropriate, in view of the early contribution that he made to alternating-current motors. In order to recognize that contribution, one must go...


Nikola Tesla is Awarded the Edison Medal by A.I.E.E.

Article added 10/11/2011
“Meritorious Achievements in His Early Original Work in Polyphase and High-Frequency Currents” to Be Honored on May 18 The seventh Edison medal, which was awarded to Nikola Tesla on Dec. 13, 1916, “...

From Nikola Tesla (A Tribute to George Westinghouse)

Article added 10/9/2011
The first impressions are those to which we cling most in later life. I like to think of George Westinghouse as he appeared to me in 1888, when I saw him for the first time. The tremendous potential...


The "Drehstrom" Patent

Article added 9/27/2011
In the last issue of The Electrical World I find an article on my “Drehstrom” patent which appeared originally in Industries , and is, I believe, from the pen of the able editor of that journal. Some...


Phenomena of Alternating Currents of Very High Frequency

Article added 9/22/2011
Alternate current machines of high frequency; curious experiments with Geissler tubes and lamps; an exploded notion; noiseless alternating arcs; constant current and constant potential; interested...

Mr. Nikola Tesla on Alternating Current Motors

Article added 9/21/2011
To the Editor of The Electrical World: SIR: About a year ago I had the pleasure of bringing before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers the results of some of my work on alternate current...