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Dr. Nikola Tesla and His Achievements

Perhaps the ever-broadening field of invention has never known a genius more successful in developing far-reaching and original inventions than Dr. Nikola Tesla, whose name is known in every corner...
Type: article - Added: 10/11/2011

Lightning Made to Order

Electrical Experimenter, November 1916 - Lightning Made to Order Fig. 1. — The Wonderful Tesla, 300 K.W. High-Frequency Oscillator Coil in Full Activity, Discharging Sparks Like Veritable Bolts of...
Type: article - Added: 10/11/2011

An Interview With Nikola Tesla, Electrical Wizard

There is no doubt about it — your heart does beat faster when you are about to meet a famous electrical scientist, one of the foremost in the world. Before you go you don’t think so. It didn’t beat a...
Type: article - Added: 10/9/2011

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