Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Articles

Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Human Energy increased

June 8th, 1900

Once again we hear of remarkable inventions and aspirations from Mr. Nikola Tesla. This time the problem which occupies his attention is that of increasing human energy, and his views are published in the Century Magazine. He gives three ways in which his problem may be solved - namely, “to increase the human mass,” “to reduce the retarding force,” and “to increase the impelling force.” The first is accomplished by attention to hygiene and good food. Ignorance and stupidity form a retarding force that people are continually endeavouring to improve out of existence, but there are other retarding forces, the greatest being warfare, and to overcome some of these the writer invented the telautomaton, “a machine having all its bodily or translatory movements and the operations of the interior mechanism controlled from a distance without wires.” The possibilities of this machine are amazing, “and the continuous development in this direction must ultimately make war a mere contest of machines without men and without loss of life.” The third problem - “how to increase the force accelerating the human mass” - is to be solved by the application of the power of the sun. Wireless telephony and wireless electrical power transmission are also among the castles which Mr. Tesla has built in the air.


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