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Destruction of the Tesla Laboratory by Fire

By a fire which almost completely gutted the six-story and basement building at 33 and 35 South Fifth avenue, this city, on March 13, Mr. Nikola Tesla, the electrician, lost all of the apparatus with...
Type: article - Added: 11/15/2011

Nikola Tesla's New Wireless

Mr. Nikola Tesla has announced that as the result of experiments conducted at Shoreham, Long Island, he has perfected a new system of wireless telegraphy and telephony in which the principles of...
Type: article - Added: 11/13/2011

Tesla's Electrical Control of Moving Vessels or Vehicles from a Distance

In view of the public interest of late in anything which has a warlike appearance or apparatus tending to render war less probable by making it more horrible and destructive, and in view also of...
Type: article - Added: 11/10/2011

Mr. Tesla and the Czar

The personality of Mr. Tesla is one of the most fascinating in the field of modern invention, and his work is such as to command the interest of both the lay and the scientific public whenever he...
Type: article - Added: 11/1/2011

High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-therapeutic and Other Purposes *

Some theoretical possibilities offered by currents of very high frequency and observations which I casually made while pursuing experiments with alternating currents, as well as the stimulating...
Type: article - Added: 11/1/2011

Tesla's Complaint to Electrical Engineer Editor w/ Response

Mr. Tesla to His Friends. New York, Nov. 18, 1898 46 & 48 East Houston St. Editor of The Electrical Engineer, 120 Liberty St., New York City. Sir — By publishing in your columns of Nov. 17 my...
Type: article - Added: 11/1/2011

Mr. Tesla on Thermo Electricity

In a letter to the editor of the Buffalo Enquirer, Mr. Nikola Tesla replies as follows in regard to an inquiry on the subject of the future of electricity: “The transmission of power has interested...
Type: article - Added: 10/29/2011

Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency — III

(Concluded.) One of the most interesting results arrived at in pursuing these experiments, is the demonstration of the fact that a gaseous medium, upon which vibration is impressed by rapid changes...
Type: article - Added: 10/28/2011

The Tesla Lecture in St. Louis

Nikola Tesla. The Tesla lecture was a notable feature of the convention. At first it had been proposed to deliver the lecture in a small hall, but the demand for tickets was so enormous that it was...
Type: article - Added: 10/28/2011

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