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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla and Disease

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Tesla in his laboratory

As the time approached for him to go out into the world and continue his education, young Nikola became more determined in his desire to become an electrical engineer. He was completely absorbed in sweet thoughts about a future filled with work, discovering the secrets of nature, and harnessing its powers to serve mankind.

However, on the path to this future, a great and seemingly insurmountable obstacle appeared in the form of his father, who, despite knowing his son’s wish, intended for him to become a clergyman instead, thus continuing the long tradition of his family. The realization that his father had determined a different future for him than the one he wanted weighed heavily on Tesla, as he knew his father would not change his mind. The young man was thus left with either suffering forever or reconciling with his fate. But Nikola could not accept this.

More importantly, his excellent academic performance provided him with solid knowledge, so young Nikola could dream of enrolling in an electrical engineering faculty where he could gain the necessary knowledge. Unfortunately, his father remained stubborn in his intention, and the young man, not wanting to disappoint him, had to accept the idea of a clerical vocation he did not love.

Then, just when he had passed his matriculation exams, something happened that would influence his further fate.

In Lika, in 1873, there was a cholera epidemic. The epidemic raged. In its malevolent course, it also confined young Nikola to bed. The illness was very severe and often had tragic outcomes at that time, when current treatment methods did not exist.

Despite it being against his religious beliefs, his father, a priest, realizing that his son’s life was fading, sought medical help. Unfortunately, after the examination, the doctor informed the worried parents that medicine was powerless in their child’s case, and all they had left was hope that the young organism would overcome the illness. But this could only happen if a will to live awakened in the child. The parents were desperate...

One day, the exhausted boy slightly raised his head from the pillow and asked his father in a weak voice if he would fulfill a great wish. The father said yes. Nikola asked that if he survived, he be sent to study electrical engineering. The father firmly promised.

In the exhausted young man’s body, the dried-up life juices awakened, and a fight against the illness began. And a miracle occurred. Thanks to the will to live and his parents’ help, Nikola recovered completely a few months later, and his father, albeit reluctantly, had to fulfill his promise and send him to study in Graz.


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