Nikola Tesla Publications from Scientific American


Inductive Lights

Article added 10/11/2018
At the meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers Mr. Tesla employed a machine having 400 poles, which, when run at full speed, enabled him to obtain 20,000 alternations per second. He...


Some Personal Recollections

Article added 7/3/2015
An Autobiographical Sketch I am glad to be accorded this opportunity for two reasons. In the first place I have long since desired to express my great appreciation of the Scientific American and to...


Inventor of Dreams

Article added 12/28/2011
Nikola Tesla, the father of today’s AC electrical system and other key inventions, often failed to bring his visionary ideas to real-world fruition Nikola Tesla sits before his large web coil in 1896...

Nikola Tesla Writes (Additional Comments on Electro-Static Generators)

Article added 11/26/2011
Editor, Scientific American: Engineers attach no importance whatever to static electricity generated by belt friction or otherwise. They are apt to dismiss it with the thought that the energy is...


Possibilities of Electro-Static Generators

Article added 11/25/2011
Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight, July 9-10th, 1856, in Smiljan, Jugoslavia. His father was a distinguished clergyman, and his mother, Georgina Mandic, came from a long...


Nikola Tesla's Fountain

Article added 10/9/2011
It is a curious fact that, old as fountains are, they have remained essentially unchanged in principle for centuries. Artists have lavished all their skill upon them to make them beautiful, but...

The Tesla Steam Turbine

Article added 10/8/2011
The Tesla turbine testing plant at the Edison Waterside Station, New York. The top half of casings is removed, showing two rotors. Each rotor consists of 25 disks 3/8-inch thick by 18 inch diameter...


Tesla's Wireless Light

Article added 9/30/2011
Nikola Tesla has given to The New York Sun an authorized statement concerning his new experiments on the production of light without the aid of wires. Mr. Tesla says: “This light is the result of...


Nikola Tesla's Latest Invention

Article added 9/29/2011
We have recently been informed by the public press in flamboyant rhetoric that Nikola Tesla has devised a boat which is destined to revolutionize the art of warfare. Apart from its value as an...