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Tesla's Museum

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A detail from the permanent exhibition

If you ask citizens of Belgrade to point you to the Nikola Tesla Museum, a very few of them will tell you that since 1952 it has been located in a building in the Proletarian Brigades Street, in the heart of the city. They will not know the answer to your question because there are many much better-known museums and popular places in the capital city than the museum in which the legacy of one of the greatest Yugoslavs is preserved.

In the rooms of the not so large building there is not only a small number of personal belongings of this great and modest man, who spent his life in the hotel rooms and did not found a home and family of his own, but also a formidable scientific documentation, as well as a number of drawings and models of the inventions which operate before the eyes of the visitors.

There are many museum pieces for those who want to find out more about the life and work of this great man. Therefore it is not surprising that the museum is attended not only by accidental visitors and school tours, for which interesting lectures are given, but also by young scientists who in Tesla’s work seek answers for issues that interest them.

Thus, even for a layman, a visit to this museum, which is a temple of science, provides an interesting experience and therefore, dear readers, if the road leads you to this Belgrade street, we invite you to visit the Nikola Tesla Museum. You will not regret it.

The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade (the Proletarian Brigades 51)


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