Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

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Newspaper and magazine articles related to Nikola Tesla

They Said About Tesla

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Tesla's urn - in the Museum
Death mask of Nikola Tesla

“His inventions in the field of polyphase currents and his induction motor would alone be enough to perpetuate Nikola Tesla’s fame... The world will wait a long time for the emergence of another genius to rival Nikola Tesla as regards his great achievements and imagination.”

- E. H. Armstrong

“Nikola Tesla was the greatest inventor in the field of electricity that we had ever had. I may even go so far as to say that Tesla is the greatest inventor ever to have worked in electrical engineering.”

- W. H. Eccles

“Tesla’s idea of the rotating magnetic field is among the great peaks of human imagination in world history.”

- H. W. Brook

“The great inventions of Tesla indebted the whole humankind and especially the physicists.”

- James Frank

“If the results of Tesla’s work were excluded and taken away from the industrial world, the wheels of industry would cease turning. Trams and electrical trains would come to a standstill. Cities would sink into darkness, and factories become dead. Yes, Tesla’s work is so far-reaching that it makes the foundation of industry... Tesla’s name represents an epoch in the progress of the electricity science.”

- B. A. Behrend

“There were a few patents which induced such a great transformation and progress of civilization and a few inventors and scientists who left such a legacy to mankind as Tesla. We live in the age of power. I congratulate Tesla for everything he had done for the materialization of this age.”

- F. Waterman

“The name of Nikola Tesla is the first name that should be entered into the golden book of radio-electricity science.”

- E. Zirado

“Tesla created something that serves the whole humankind.”

- Josip Broz Tito


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