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Nikola Tesla's Youth and Strength at 78

Electrical Wizard, Inventor of Wireless and Power Transmission, Tells His Secrets of Keeping Fit Nikola Tesla, keen and vigorous at 78, expects to live more than fifty yeas longer. “Lacking but two...
Type: article - Added: 9/20/2017

Mr. Tesla Makes Further Disclosures

Nikola Tesla, who has been making some rather remarkable assertions of late in letters printed in the New York Times publishes another communication under date of January 26th. This is a part of it...
Type: article - Added: 9/12/2017

Mr. Tesla's Announcements

It is well known that for many years Mr. Tesla has been addressing himself to the largest problems connected with the increase of human energy by electrical means, and in the eyes of the great number...
Type: article - Added: 9/7/2017

Carborundum - What is It?

Q. 4692. Carborundum - What is It? - In reading an account of one of Tesla's remarkable lectures, I noticed the statement that the luminous portion of one of his extraordinary lamps was made of “...
Type: article - Added: 9/7/2017

Tesla's Twentieth-Century Views

Since, in 1887, Mr. Tesla conceived and applied the rotating magnetic field to alternating-current power transmission, this remarkable man has received a large share of public attention. He possesses...
Type: article - Added: 9/7/2017

Final Thoughts on Tesla's Work with High-Frequency Alternating Currents

The following article is a collection of final thoughts from Leland Anderson regarding Nikola Tesla's work. These are the result of a lifetime of study based on the author's interviews with living...
Type: article - Added: 9/7/2017

Rare notes from Tesla on Wardenclyffe

Leland Anderson has kindly provided copies of rare documents from the Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The papers reproduced in this report supply information about the Wardenclyffe tower, and show that the...
Type: article - Added: 9/6/2017

Doomed to Hunter-Gatherer Status

“ The Problem of Increasing Human Energy ” reads like a scientist's perspective on Ecclesiastes. Whereas “The Prophet” sampled all walks of life and worldly successes only to conclude that all was...
Type: article - Added: 8/12/2015


Nikola Tesla, one of the great leaders of electrical development, died on Thursday, January 7, 1943, at 85. He was found by a maid in his suite at the Hotel New Yorker, New York City, having...
Type: article - Added: 8/12/2015

Tesla: a scientific saint, wizard or carnival sideman?

History has not been kind to the showy inventor of alternating-current motors and more, but the tide is at last turning As showman in 1894, Tesla astonished crowds with his cordless, phosphor-coated...
Type: article - Added: 7/29/2015

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