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Modern Resonance Transformer Design Theory

Many articles and technical papers have been published on Tesla coil construction projects. Trade magazines such as Popular Electronics, and Science Experimenter contain several articles on exacting construction techniques for small Tesla coil systems. The TCBA has published complete construction information containing all the necessary plans, materials lists, and even parts sources for various types of Tesla coils. There are, however, few reliable sources of design theory covering the complex inter-relationships of the various circuit elements of Tesla coil systems.

It is the scope of this book to provide such information to the experienced Tesla coil enthusiast. The information contained herein will provide the experienced Tesla coil technician with a complete reference collection of technical information, design tips, source of commonly used equations, and complete design theory pertinent to the design and construction of medium and high powered Tesla oscillators. It is assumed the modern, experienced technician has access to storage type oscilloscopes, inductance and capacitance bridges, Q factor meters, waveform analyzers, and the associated equipment necessary to accurately design, test, and evaluate the modern RLC circuit.

This book is written and dedicated to the young coil builders who will design, modify, measure, test, and evaluate today's technology, and then, design and develop tomorrow's highly efficient Tesla coil systems.

Date published:
December, 1987
11 x 8.75 x 0.4 inches
Page count: