Modern Tesla Coil Design Theory

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This had its beginnings when I made my solid state Tesla coil with AFC in early 1989. I started to write an article on it but there was so much information collected that the article just grew into this book. My main interest has been in how Tesla coils work, not in making the biggest coil possible. For this reason I have had very little experience with high powered Tesla coils. The Tesla coils used for examples in this book could be classified as tabletop units. I do not claim to be an expert on Tesla coils but I want to share what I have learned about them with other people. I hope this... continue reading »

Modern Resonance Transformer Design Theory

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Many articles and technical papers have been published on Tesla coil construction projects. Trade magazines such as Popular Electronics, and Science Experimenter contain several articles on exacting construction techniques for small Tesla coil systems. The TCBA has published complete construction information containing all the necessary plans, materials lists, and even parts sources for various types of Tesla coils. There are, however, few reliable sources of design theory covering the complex inter-relationships of the various circuit elements of Tesla coil systems. It is the scope of this... continue reading »

Dr. Nikola Tesla: English / Serbo-Croatian Diary Comparisons and Tesla / Scherff Colorado Springs Correspondence

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The publication of Nikola Tesla: Colorado Springs Notes, 1899-1900 , Nolit, Beograd, 1978, has created a marked interest in sections of the scientific community and advocates of the principles discovered by the creative mind of Nikola Tesla. In addition to detailed calculations and descriptions of portions of his experiments, notable achievements were accomplished in the detection of standing waves in the earth, the creation of ball lightning, and transmission of energy, without wires, to light a bank of bulbs at a distance of some 26 miles from the experimental power station. These feats... continue reading »

The Solution to Tesla's Secrets and the Soviet Tesla Weapons - Reference Articles for Solutions to Tesla's Secrets

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The long-searched-for Tesla secrets have been solved by Tom Bearden. Part I contains the specific description of the solutions to Tesla's secrets and the Soviet Tesla weapons. The present electromagnetic theory has several flaws, and it is these errors that have hidden the long-sought unified field theory. The explanations presented by the author provide clarity and understanding to related Tesla writings and patents. Before the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated that his waves were non-Hertzian, and that his... continue reading »

New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy - Proof of Free Energy Devices and Supporting Data

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The first major breakthrough in free energy is announced and will result in commercial production of units for home and transportation use. The new technology is emerging almost simultaneously at a number of locations around the world. Truly, a new era is being created. The initial portion of this booklet includes additional comments by Tom Bearden on the new Tesla electromagnetics, referring to discrepancies in the present EM theory. This paper presents a summary of those flaws, and represents a continuation of a previous paper, “Solutions to Tesla's Secrets and the Soviet Tesla Weapons.”... continue reading »

Dr. Nikola Tesla Selected Patent Wrappers from The National Archives (4 Volume Set)

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Twenty of the Tesla patent wrappers have been selected for this publication on the basis of importance and areas of current interest. The patent wrappers, or “patent histories,” include all of the background information leading to patent issuance. The subject matter includes mechanical oscillators, turbines, radio, and the transmission of large amounts of energy without wires. The final patents, as issued, are not a part of this publication, but all 111 U.S. Patents are included in the Tesla Book Co. publication, Dr. Nikola Tesla Complete Patents . This manuscript was prepared from... continue reading »

Dr. Nikola Tesla Complete Patents

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All of Nikola Tesla's patents issued in the United States are included in these volumes. The material has been arranged in chronological order by date of application, rather than by numerical sequence or subject matter. This method of presentation offers a new meaning to Tesla's work by providing a more logical sequence in following the inventor's thought processes in the development of new principles, some of which are still in advance of present day technology.

Tesla Said

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The collection of articles and papers presented in this volume are in Nikola Tesla's own words; it is the most comprehensive single volume of Tesla's writings presently available. A period of over a quarter of a century has elapsed in gathering this material from every known source, in addition to searching archival material from the decades around the turn of the century. Mr. Tesla speaks for himself and the reader is enabled to make first hand judgments rather than relying on the opinions of others. The subject matter is arranged in chronological order and includes a wide range of... continue reading »